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Remarkable Russian Petroglyphs

22 Maalis 2012 20:25

It was known that there were rock carvings on some islands inLake Kanozero, and Jan Magne Gjerde, project manager at the Tromsø University Museum, went out there to document them as part of his doctoral work however, when he and his colleagues had completed their work, the number of known petroglyphs had risen from 200 to over 1,000.

http://www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php ... etroglyphs

Viimeksi muokannut Pertinax päivämäärä 23 Maalis 2012 14:46, muokattu yhteensä 1 kerran

23 Maalis 2012 01:13

The location is a lake about 35 kms from White Sea up Umba River .
Thus it was easily reached by fishermen/hunters from Kantalahti Bay.
This region is rather south for Komsa culture people- unless they arrived from the East.
The first Finnic populations might also have arrived ?
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