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Darwinian selection continues to influence human evolution

02 Touko 2012 13:10

New evidence proves humans are continuing to evolve and that significant natural and sexual selection is still taking place in our species in the modern world.

Despite advancements in medicine and technology, as well as an increased prevalence of monogamy, research reveals humans are continuing to evolve just like other species.

Scientists in an international collaboration, which includes the University of Sheffield, analysed church records of about 6,000 Finnish people born between 1760-1849 to determine whether the demographic, cultural and technological changes of the agricultural revolution affected natural and sexual selection in our species.
http://www.shef.ac.uk/mediacentre/2012/ ... rtiol.html

02 Touko 2012 16:36

Interesting, but I would like to see some concrete results about that selection and evolution...
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