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Valter Lang: Formation of Proto-Finnic
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Kirjoittaja:  Kinaporin kalifi [ 29 Helmi 2016 16:52 ]
Viestin otsikko:  Valter Lang: Formation of Proto-Finnic

"When placing the formation of Proto-Finnic societies into the Bronze Age, one must consider the rich archaeological evidence of eastern/south-eastern influence, which mostly comes from coastal Estonia and SW Finland and can be dated into three main waves: (a) 1200–900 BC (pottery of Asva/Paimio type and several groups of ornaments), (b) 850/800–600 BC (fortified settlements, early tarand-graves, riding implements, many artefacts), and (c) 600/500–200 BC (pottery of Morby/Ilmandu type and numerous types of artefacts). All these waves of influences may reflect some infiltration of people from the east. Probably there were several groups of migrants; they came from more than one area of departure and used more than one route for moving. Perhaps the most important of these waves took place in the 9th–7th centuries BC. At that time an axis of connections between the remarkable bronze work centres in the Volga-Kama region and Scandinavia was established, evidenced by the distribution of both axes of Mälar-Akozino type and fortified settlements as places for bronze work. This wave also included close contacts with Proto-Baltic speakers on its way, whereas the first wave (that of the 12th–10th centuries BC) met a Proto-Germanized population in their destination area, i.e. coastal Estonia and Finland." ... acts_4.pdf

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